It’s a make or break moment. Someone clicked on your link from a Google search. Or a new lead is typing in the URL from your business card. Or a potential customer is about to compare your product to one of your competitors.

However they get there, lasting impressions of your brand’s value, trust, quality, style and more are about to be made on your website’s newest visitor. That’s some pretty heavy stuff. You’ve got their attention. It could be on a phone, tablet, desktop, laptop. Is your digital footprint prepared for the occasion?

Throughout Brand Tango’s new website you’ll notice the three words: “Branding, Design, Technology.” While many can make the claim to one of these areas of expertise, Brand Tango’s combination of these three specialties is our secret sauce for digital success. From sitemaps to wireframes, UX/UI concepts, design layouts, copy, content and development, it takes much more than a template to deliver the website your customers expect.

Brand Tango website and app design is all about brand image. Logo, color palette, fonts, styles, images and layouts visually express “who you are.” Copy, messaging and rich media like video dive deeper into “what makes your product different.” Your website’s visual and written content tell your story and determine how your brand will be remembered.

Brand Tango website and app design is all about usability and organization. Your navigation strategy is everything. Main navigation and menus should be clear and concise, and start the user down a path that intuitively leads them to what they are looking for. Successful overall site architecture, as well as page layouts, thoughtfully consider how material is organized; they’re flexible and prepared for a future of dynamic and ever-changing content.

Brand Tango website and app design is all about engagement. And that means engagement on all devices. Simplify tasks like sign-up forms. Gamify processes like searching or account setup. Deliver dynamic content and rich, brand-centric media.

People continue to more frequently explore, learn about, shop and engage with brands on their devices. 10 years ago, having a website used to be a brand differentiator; in an age where this is the baseline, top brands will be made by their ability to effectively educate, convert, and service their users in the digital world.

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Let’s talk about where you see your new website or app going, and how Brand Tango can help you get there.