During the last eleven years, the Brand Tango team has mastered the art of elevating physical spaces into central brand touch-points. We are re-envisioning omni-channel brand rituals and digital experiences used in traditional selling environments and transforming them into inviting – and exciting – journeys of discovery. At Brand Tango, we believe that a sales environment should be so much more than a drab and dreary room filled with a density of sales tables and the droning on of one-size-fits-all sales scripts. It should feel like an exclusive place, where a select few are privy to experience a product first-hand and are then invited to take advantage of an extraordinary opportunity. It is this customer journey that takes into consideration how people feel in selling environments, what they want out of the process and how we can change these spaces from selling centers to buying centers. Just the term “Sales Center” sounds like a long, tedious day.

Enter the brand experience center, a place where a consumer can go deep with a product or service in new (digital) and exciting (visually merchandised) ways. Sales is no longer about taking control away from a buyer, but rather guiding them through the consideration process through relevance and then creating a deep emotional bond with the product. Whether it’s timeshare, real estate, or a car dealership, our goal is to continually push boundaries to create engaging brand stories and experiences that will delight and exceed the expectations of every visiting guest. In our work within timeshare this means creating inviting and conducive environments, for a selling culture that was not known for this type of sales delivery system before.

That’s only half the story though; we know that environmental design delivers a dimensional, human brand and product immersion, but it’s technology and data that become the compelling personal context.

Through a comprehensive blend of interior design, environmental graphics, technology integration, user interface design and content integration, Brand Tango is helping world-class brands create immediate and impactful impressions within the sales process. By employing a thorough CRM (customer relationship management) system and strategy, we have the ability to collect valuable data on each lead and owner through every interaction during their journey. By creating these profile dispositions, we are empowering sales executives and guests more than ever before by creating dynamic, personalized presentations for each tour, creating excitement around the ownership proposition, closing more sales, and even reducing rescission.

 Purchasing vacation ownership is a journey, and at Brand Tango we believe that every great journey is defined by a compelling storyline that should inform, inspire and delight. By re-envisioning the traditional sales tour, our Brand Experience Centers have become environments that infuse more personality, emotion and interactivity into tours, thus reducing the need for aggressive – and off-putting – selling cultures. The result: a four to six hour grueling sales journey is now transformed into a fun experience and ultimately powerful data that can be used to anticipate lead/owner likes and desires. Do this purposefully and continuously across your organization and watch your reputation, loyalty and sales grow.

Brand Tango’s most recent Brand Experience Centers include ground-breaking installations for Hilton Grand Vacations and Disney Vacation Club.

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