To achieve brand cohesion, SocialWithin presented Crossrope with a creative brief that contained extensive recommendations for color palette, photography, video, copy, logo lockups, and cross channel consistency. One early area of opportunity was to introduce visual seasonality. We art directed photoshoots featuring models dressed in seasonally-appropriate clothing, in settings consumers would relate to. Our aim was to get people to imagine the ease fitting an effective workout into their daily routine with Crossrope.

Our creative work positioned Crossrope as a portable, fun, and life-changing workout.

After brand refinement, our team continually concepted, tested, and iterated with ads on Facebook to provide Crossrope with a variety of evergreen assets that converted. We reworked existing creative to be viable on social, including turning a 2-minute brand video into a high-performing 30-second ad. We built creative showcasing the brand’s many featured stories, along with videos that shared 5 reasons why a consumer should use Crossrope. From the design to the messaging, our creative has been geared toward establishing Crossrope as a portable, fun, and life-changing workout
that fitness-conscious consumers won’t want to be without.

Crossrope wanted to scale faster and more effectively while maintaining brand integrity. We utilized media buying to reach our target audience at the right time and place, and creative design and development for brand refinement and cohesive customer experience. Through a finely curated strategic approach, we saw revenue increase by 325% for the first year and 118% the following, and a 271% increase in website leads (jump rope community members) YoY.





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