When Sunski started working with SocialWithin, they were struggling to get results from their search efforts. A similarly-named competitor kept winning the top spot on Google, and Sunski wanted to unseat them, decrease costs, and increase efficiency. SocialWithin reduced Sunski’s Google ad spend by 300% YoY, while increasing ROAS by 66% YoY, and click-through rate (CTR) 134% YoY. On Facebook, Sunski’s goal was to scale new customer acquisition and make sure current customers knew about new styles and promotions. After partnering with us, their ROAS increased by 19% and CTR increased by 94%, YoY.

We leveraged creative to increase new customer acquisition and brand recognition in a saturated market.

For prospecting on Google, we restructured campaigns by match type, zoned in on negative keywords, modified our bidding strategies, and tested ad messaging to ensure success on Adwords. We built lookalike audiences off of customers, brand loyalists, and people who spent the most time on Sunski’s website. We utilized detailed personas to find people searching for sustainability, sunglasses, and sunglass stores, and identified that the key demographic consisted of all genders between the ages of 19 and 35.


On Facebook, prospecting ads employed lifestyle photos, videos, and cinemagraphs that showcased the products in use. Our messaging informed the consumer that Sunski was a sustainable brand and emphasized its focus on recycled plastic. While retargeting, we pinpointed website users that returned often or had visited in the last 90 days, using dynamic product ads (DPA) to displayed products that the consumer had shown interest in.



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