Hilton Grand Vacations

HGV-Parc Soleil

In an effort to challenge existing attitudes toward the timeshare industry, Hilton Grand Vacations tasked Brand Tango to disrupt the industry’s sales center standard by creating a completely unique, thoroughly immersive and thoughtfully engaging sales environment. In order to reimagine HGV’s sales center to be more than a place where visiting guests are sold a product, we utilized an awe-inspiring combination of digital, environmental and experiential elements to introduce guests to all the ways that HGV can help them create the life they’ve always desired. By leveraging the latest technology, we were able to personalize the tour to each visitor, thereby enhancing the relationship between HGV and its guests – all while articulating the ownership lifestyle as a central and cherished expression of life.

Challenging guests to throw away everything they thought they knew about timeshare.

By actively involving and engaging guests during each step of the customer journey, Brand Tango transformed the HGV timeshare sales process from what many would consider an undesirable event into a transparent, highly participatory and dynamic sales center experience. Custom videos, self-discovery kiosk stations, RFID technology, touchscreen digital installations and museum-quality environmental graphics work in harmony to create a truly interactive, fun and collaborative sales experience for guests and HGV team members, alike. By capturing real-time data early in the process, sales associates can utilize the information to custom-create the ideal vacation product for each touring guest and guide strategy in future communications. Together, these tools convey the overall HGV brand message, urging guests to “Find Your Amazing.”

This more playful, interactive approach has been a genuine hit, resulting in huge financial gains for HGV as indicated by an increase in VPG of 5 percent and decrease in rescissions of 2.5 percent. Due to the breakaway success of the new sales center experience, HGV awarded Brand Tango four more sales centers to be completed through 2018 and 2019. Some may say that it is difficult to convince a major, successful brand to take the leap into the unknown with new ideas and technology, but with Brand Tango’s help, HGV made the leap and is now enjoying the highest VPGs in their system.