Silverleaf Resorts

Silverleaf Resorts

One of Brand Tango’s strengths lies in their instinctive capability to frame a cohesive and engaging branded consumer experience designed to leapfrog the competition and drive transformation and business impact—such as in the Silverleaf project. Silverleaf, a leading timeshare company in the vacation ownership industry, commissioned our team to reimagine its traditional sales walking floor by creating a merchandise environment conducive to selling user experiences at their off-site sales center in Atlanta, GA. To accomplish this, our team mapped the consumer experience to seamlessly integrate and activate the brand’s digitized, physical shopping experience touchpoints—without the usual marketing trickery and formulaic bullet points.



Interactive sales tools provide a new take on selling vacation ownership as we visually merchandise fun.

The sheer scale and ingenuity of the live, immersive environment our team created for Silverleaf required the coordinated efforts of exceptional brand and digital strategists, front and back end developers, video editors and audio engineers. We developed an avant-garde, interactive design strategy using technology to personalize the experience for their prospects, which positioned them as contemporary and helped them reach their aspirational target demographic of younger owners. Additionally, we executed dynamic project components such as an ambience video, a 20-minute animated video loop, and our signature touchpoint: a wall-sized interactive interface that provided high-caliber support for sales rep to arrest their prospects and illustrate the adventure and excitement of vacation ownership.

To empower and energize the delivery of the experience, our team trained the sales reps extensively to demonstrate how they can create impromptu, customizable presentations to inject prospects into the sales performance. The Silverleaf project has produced a step change in the engagement of their leaders and exceeded improved, aggressive standards for meeting consumers’ needs. Furthermore, this modern, harmonized digital experience presents an excellent way to test market intangible or large-scale products to ensure viability as well as a razor sharp marketing lens to forging a culture of experience innovation across diverse industries.